Certified Organic BROWN Rice

Certified Organic BROWN Rice

SKU: OR-001

Before there was white rice, there was Brown Rice. Brown Rice, also known ass the unpolished rice, is the result of the initial stage of rice milling, where the hull, which is the outermost protective layer of the rice grain, is removed. What remains is the central kernel, and a highly nutritious layer called bran, which gives the rice its brown color. Further milling, known as polishing, produces the white rice we all know, but the nutrition-laden bran is lost in the process. Retaining this bran in Borwn Rice means the health benefits are also retained. The Selenium found in Brown Rice bran is known to help maintain a healthy digestion. Studies have shown that Brown Rice, with its anti-inflammatory compounds, may be of benefit to the respiratory system. The bran layer is also high in fiber, which helps maintain a proper bowel movement. Dietary fiber has also been shown to help maintain blood sugar and blood pressure in healthy levels. In the end, it's all down to the bran.


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